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ADW 2023


For information not covered in the FAQ page below, please contact:


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Other Questions

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Saturday Night Costumes

Q: Should I dress up on Saturday night?

A: Are you kidding? Dressing "in theme" on Saturday night is an Atlanta Dance Weekend tradition and when are you going to get a better chance to channel your inner Robin Hood, Friar Tuck or the Sherriff of Nottingham; Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, or Captain Hook; Little Red Riding Hood, the Big Bad Wolf, Shrek, Donkey, or any other of a thousand possibilities? Go for it!!

Gender Balancing

Q: Is registration gender balanced?

A: Not deliberately. And even when equal numbers of men and women register for the weekend the balance among potential partners can be skewed at any given time since everyone isn't on the floor at the same time. Given that our collective goal is to dance as much as possible you are urged to ignore issues of gender when asking or being asked to dance.

Should you find yourself dancing on an unfamiliar side, just remember ...
• the person dancing on the left side in a couple extends their left arm out in a swing and
• the person dancing on the right side in a couple extends their right arm out in a swing.

New Dancers

Q: Do you have to have been dancing for years to attend this weekend?

A: Absolutely not!! We do not recommend that absolute novices attend as the weekend will definitely be more challenging than a regular dance but if you have been to a contra dance in Atlanta or elsewhere at least three times you should be fine.*

*WARNING: If you have any question about your level of dance expertise do NOT make the mistake of pairing up with another inexperienced dancer -- that risks creating the contra equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle as you go up and down the line.


Q: What is your Covid policy?

A: Please don't come to the dance if you don't feel well or have recently been exposed to Covid. Masks and vaccines are optional. Read CCD's full Covid policy by clicking here.


Q: Is there a deadline for requesting housing?

A: Yes. October 21, 2023.

Q: How do I offer or request housing?

A: There is a field on the registration form for providing details about space you have available or need.

Q: Whom do I contact with housing-related questions?

A: Please contact our Housing Committee at

Q: When will I hear who is providing my housing / Who my guest(s) are?

A: Not until 2 weeks or less before the dance. The housing coordinator will contact you once housing matches are made after the housing cut off has passed (October 21).

Q: Where do I meet my host / guest(s)?

A: We will have a rendezvous location at the Hall so that you can meet up with your host/guest at the beginning of Break on Friday evening.

Q: What if I can't get to the dance until really late on Friday night or even until Saturday morning?

A: You will be given email and telephone contact information for your host as soon as the assignments are made, please use it to get in touch ahead of time, particularly if you don't think that you are going to make the rendezvous at the beginning of break on Friday. It causes hosts a lot of anxiety when guests don't warn them in advance that they will be coming late or not coming at all.

NOTE: We keep a list of no-shows and if we get a report from your host that you failed to show without notifying them in advance we won't be providing you with housing in the future.


Q: I'm not sure I can make it for the whole weekend. May I register in advance for just certain sessions?

A: Not at this time. We may open up ala carte tickets closer to the weekend, space permitting.

Q: Something dire has happened and I can't come to the dance after all. May I get a refund?

A: Yes! Absolutely you can. Just email Kimbi Hagen (

Q: I'm unemployed/underemployed, do you have a discount rate?

A: Yes we do -- please see the registration page for details.


Q: Is the Sunday brunch Potluck?

A: Yes. Our Sunday community brunch is a cherished opportunity for dancers to gather, relax, chat, and gear up for the final push through the weekend. WE NEED YOUR HELP in putting food on the table.

CCD will provide plates, cutlery, serving utensils, and ambiance. That leaves a LOT of room on the table!! Please help us fill it!!!

Q: Where should I eat my other meals?

A: There are more local restaurants within walking distance of the dance hall than you can shake a dance shoe at. Simply turn left out of the hall and keep walking until you get to the Decatur Square. After that, wander around until you find someplace interesting.