Atlanta Dance Weekend (aka "ADW," aka "The November Dance Weekend")

Jim Crawford Videos from Past Weekends

45 2024 TBN Faux Paws and Drive Train
Will Mentor & Seth Tepfer
44 2023 Contra in the Enchanted Forest Latter Day Lizards, Spintuition*, Ed Howe and Alex Wilder
Cis Hinkle, Janine Smith, Janet Shepherd**

Sound by Chris Cantwell*** and Ed Howe

*replaced Audacious
**replaced Seth Tepfer
***replaced Bill Porter

Dec Rec:

A Fairy Tale Dance Weekend ... which had a story book happy ending despite health issues with the talent including Covid (Audacious), hospitalization (Seth Tepfer), and a high fever of unknown origin (Bill Porter).

It also featured a stunningly beautiful Memorial Dance of Light in which we came together as a community to honor the dancers, musicians, family members, and friends we lost during the pandemic years.

43 2019 Under the C(CD) Eloise & Company, Genticorum / Seth Tepfer, Susan Kevra, Cis Hinkle Dec Rec:
The newt play the flute, the carp play the harp, the plaice play the bass, And they soundin' sharp. The bass play the brass, the chub play the tub, the fluke is the duke of soul.
42 2018 Contra Surf Toss the Possum, Syncopaths, ContraForce / Jesse Edgerton, Gaye Fifer Dec Rec:
(With apologies to the Beach Boys)
If everybody had an ocean
From sea to Contra sea
Then everybody'd be surfin'
Surfin' CCD
You'd see 'em wearing their dance skirts
Hawaiian mumus too
A fishy swishy green hula
Surfin' CCD
41 2017 Starship CCD Latter Day Lizards, Nova, Barefoot / Will Mentor, Seth Tepfer, Cis Hinkle Dec Rec:
Contra ... the final frontier. These are the dances of the Starship CCD .... Its continuing mission: To seek out new dances, to explore new friends ... to boldly go where no dancer has gone before!
40 2016 Peace, Love, Contra Great Bear 6.0, The Stuff, Barefoot / Cis Hinkle, Sarah VanNorstrand, Deanna Palumbo Dec Rec:
By the time we got to DecRec, we were half a million strong, And everywhere there was song and celebration
39 2015 Alice in Contraland Stingrays, Barefoot, King Kontra / Cis Hinkle, Geoff Cubitt Dec Rec:
A Through the Looking Glass contra weekend: Will you, won't you, will you, won't you, won't you join the dance?
38 2014 The Wizard of Contra: One Dance Over the Rainbow Elixir, Maivish / Nils Fredland, Luke Donforth Dec Rec:
An unlikely hands four (Dorothy, Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, and Scarecrow) dance down the Yellow Brick Road to meet the Wizard of Contra
37 2013 Contraband: A Roaring 20's Dance Weekend Lift Ticket, On The Fly, Atlanta Open Band / Seth Tepfer, Susan Taylor Dec Rec:
Prohibition, Speakeasies, Flappers, and Zoot Suits
36 2012 Once Upon a Contra Latter Day Lizards, La Banane Enchantèe / Lisa Greenleaf, Michael Hamilton Morningside Baptist:
Fairy Tales
35 2011 Au Contraire Crowfoot, Red Mountain White Trash, The Capetians / Rick Mohr, Seth Tepfer, Doug Singleton Morningside Baptist:
Ooh La La!
34 2010 West Side Contra Tidal Wave, Perpetual e-Motion / Diane Silver, Susan Kevra Dec Rec:
World's Best Promo
by Brian Matson;
Skit: Trads vs Mods
33 2009 Pirates of the Contrabean Elixir, Tribal Tune Twisters, Wing & a Prayer / Nils Fredland, Rob Harper Dec Rec:
32 2008 Some Enchanted Contra KGB, Anna's Bananas / Cis Hinkle, Seth Tepfer, Robbin Marcus Dec Rec:
South Seas idyll
31 2007 Puttin' on the Ritz Moving Violations, Hot Feet, Atlanta Swamp Opera, Fine Companions / Nils Fredland, Seth Tepfer, Beth Molaro Dec Rec:
Fred & Ginger elegance
30 2006 1001 Nights of Contra Latter Day Lizards, House Red, Fetchin' Cat, Mostly Fine Companions / Lisa Greenleaf, Cis Hinkle, Susan Davis, Janet Shepherd Dec Rec:
Arabian Nights theme:
celebrating the fact that, by Nov of 2006 CCD had staged ~1001 dance events
29 2005 Tapestry Airdance, The Elftones, Smoke & Mirrors / Robert Cromartie, Cis Hinkle Dec Rec:
CCD Community Quilts
28 2004 Dance: a Thread in the Fabric of Life Hotpoint, Merriweather / Joseph Pimentel, Seth Tepfer Dec Rec:
CCD Memorabilia
27 2003 Much Ado about Contra Nightingale, Fetchin' Cat, Some Fabulous Troubadours / Steve Zakon-Anderson, Cis Hinkle Dec Rec:
Shakespeare does contra
26 2002 Green Legs and Ham Airdance, Shadrack's Delight / Lisa Greenleaf, Cis Hinkle Dec Rec:
Dr. Seuss in contraland
25 2001 Lord of the Swing Popcorn Behavior / Peter Amidon Dec Rec:
Tolkein fantasy
24 2000 Head for the Hills Hillbillies from Mars / Cis Hinkle, Becky Hill Dec Rec:
Becky Hill in a Minnie Pearl hat, complete with price tag
23 1999 Atlanta Movie Contras ??? / Robert Cromartie Dec Rec:
Great themes from the movies
22 1998 Heavenly Bodies in Motion ??? Dec Rec:
Outer space
21 1997 Dancestock:
Nightingale / ??? Dec Rec:
*What a Long Strange Dance It's Been
20 1996 A Southern Sampler James Bryan, Freight Hoppers / Kathy Anderson Dec Rec:
Old Time Dance-a-rama
19 1995 Ol' Limp Hicks Red Mountain White Trash / Kathy Anderson Dec Rec:
In the Atlanta Olympics year the Olympic Rings became Ol' Limp Hicks squares.We had a parade of nations at the break -- folks from visiting dance groups marched in together.
18 1994 Cirque du CCD Lisa Orstein & Nick Howes / John Krum Mercer:
Heitzo choreographed a Circque du Soleil-type fantasy dance performance for Cirque du CCD
17 1993 Contra Around the Clock: CCD Acres Estates; If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home By Now Rodney Miller Band / ??? Mercer:
An amazing performance choreographed by Chris Kawa of a takeoff on "Rock Around the Clock." Jolie Fainberg and Cis Hinkle pulled together all sorts of 1950's memorabilia, and staged several "rooms" around the gym including Betty's bedroom (aka Kaia Denham's actual 1950's bedroom), Mom's kitchen, Dad's den, and Bud's bomb shelter. Also a very funny rocket launch engineered by Danny Parden
16 1992 Club CCD ??? / ??? Mercer:
Club Med type Contra Dance Resort
15 1991 Hell Broke Loose in Georgia Hell Benders / Larry Edleman Druid Hills High School:
14 1990 Homecoming Dance Jay Unger and Molly Mason, Wild Asparagus / ??? Dec Rec:
CCD had just moved to the Horizon School. The Chris Kawa-choreographed skit was a depiction of the history of CCD and its venues to date ...Garden Hills, E Church (complete with moving piano), Shakespeare Storefront, culminating with building the floor at Horizon.
13 1989 Hillbillies from Mars Hillbillies from Mars / John Krum Dec Rec:
Take off on Beverly Hillbillies
12 1988 Starship Allemande Horseflies / Frank Hall Dec Rec:
11 1987 Allemande Land: An independent principality in the Southeastern United States Jay Unger and Molly Mason / John Krum Dec Rec:
This year's flier included a map -- the country was shaped like a guitar, the capital was Dancedelphia, included the Polka-no Mountain range, etc, etc. The skit was the myth of Allemande Land's origin, Lindsay Morris was a bard, and there were lots of quaint peoples milling about.
10 1986 Now We Are 10 Wild Asparagus / ??? Decatur High School:
A celebration of CCD's 10th birthday
9 1985 A Touch of Country in the City Norman and Nancy Blake, James Bryan / Bob Dalsemer Grady High School:
8 1984 Brand Name Dance Festival ??? / Ted Sannella Dec Rec:
Featuring a real brand-name out of town caller
7 1983 Generic Dance Festival ??? / Bob Thompson Dec Rec:
All decorations were in black & white; the CCD 'community quilt' we raffled off this year was actually a white moving blanket with ‘QUILT’ appliqued on it
6 1982 No Theme Jim Morrison / ??? Dec Rec:
5 1981 No Theme Small Wonder / Sandy Bradley  
4 1980 No Theme Fred Breunig & Dinah  
3 1979 No Theme  
2 1978 No Theme  
1 1977 No Theme CCD born

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There is a bit of insanity in dancing that does everybody a great deal of good. ~Edwin Denby