Due to a lack of subscribers, the Atlanta Dance Weekend is being postponed until 2023.

We will begin processing refunds in the next few days.

We will still hold a regular dance on what would have been Friday night of the dance weekend (November 11).
Please join us.

Atlanta Dance Weekend


An Atlanta Dance Weekend Contra Celebration

November 11 - 13, 2022

Decatur Recreation Center

Atlanta, GA

This weekend will feature gender neutral calling using Larks and Robins.

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Atlanta celebrates the musicians and callers who kept dance alive at the height of the pandemic. The Atlanta DistDance was a weekly wellspring of joy for the stressed, community for the isolated, and exercise for the house-bound that knitted us together across timezones, national borders, and oceans. Cis, Jacqui, Dave, Robbin, Glen, Bethany, Vicki, Jonny ....
THANK YOU for starring in the Atlanta DistDance
This year's ADW is for YOU!!


Stomp Rocket

Stomp Rocket

Beacoup de stomping pour le contra danse pandémie, avec Dave Langford on fiddle, Glen Loper on mandolin and banjo, and Bethany Waickman on guitar and sometimes piano.


Swan- Dyer

Just as they did for two years during the pandemic, Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer will be joining us online from England to entrance us with nyckelharpa, guitar, flute, cowhorn, and Swedish bagpipes.




With the addictive music of their concertina (Dave Marcus) and piano (Robbin Marcus), Reelplay created and maintained a worldwide online community that kept music and dance alive during the pandemic. But wait, there's more! For Contra-bration 2022 Dave and Robbin will be joined by Meredith Doster (fiddle), and Stu Kinney (bass).

Cis Hinkle

Cis Hinkle

has delighted contra and square dancers since 1985 with her skilled teaching, welcoming manner, playful enthusiasm, and masterful selection of dances.

Jacqui Grennan

Jacqui Grennan

has been a caller, choreographer, and dance organizer in the Los Angeles contra dance community since 2010.